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THE TRAINING METHODOLOGY: Developmental Behavioural Modelling (DBM®)

Behavioural modelling is the process of identifying how things work, how we make sense of the world, how some people do things better than others, how we learn and develop as well as how we have difficulties and problems.


John McWhirter created the behavioural modelling methodology of DBM® initially to improve his ability to help people in a therapeutic context. As he developed the methodology he greatly extended the content to include all the major learning processes, leadership and managing processes, health, and personal development. DBM® is now a comprehensive field that studies how we naturally make sense of the world (Natural Modelling), how we theorise and create formal systems (Formal Modelling), and how all modelling functions (Modelling Modelling).


The application of the methodology of DBM® utilises Creative Modelling to create a new model for every client, individual client, team or business making creativity a core professional skill.



This training is NOT about simplistic tricks and “quick fixes“. The workshop IS about developing a deeper understanding, an increased sensitivity, and more effective approaches to creativity.

The training uses a combination experiential learning, and direct instruction within a caring and protective environment. To get the most from this training full participation is essential. An openness and willingness to explore and share experiences with others is a pre-requisite for all involved and will be the basis for creating and testing the new understanding and skills in creativity.

Not only is the training about creativity, the training is an example of creativity. John adapts his planned syllabus to optimally match the responses and needs of each training group often resulting in new exercises models and processes.

To offer the best training possible John reserves the right to change the content of the training to include his very latest developments which may differ from the publicity presented here.


Additional training support includes:

  • Background Manual

  • Between session tasks

  • Recordings of the individual sessions will be available afterwards

  • On-line support through additional information and discussion forum